Scalable Network
Our network of transportation  providers are trained to cater to all paratransit clients. Unlike many transportation providers, they have undergone extensive training, enabling them to specialize in accommodating special needs clients in a safe, timely and respectable manner.
By utilizing the resources of our management services, we equip our network of providers with the MVN2 technology and ADA approved vehicles  for  efficient, cost saving transportation.
With California being the 5th largest economy in the world, with 1600 NEMT companies, the opportunity for rapid growth is strong.
Link to California NEMT Providers: click here
Transportation Providers
Gracecare will scale by enrolling provider first in high demand metropolitan areas, then connect to all of California.
Zoom Medical Transportaion, LLC
12801 Corlette Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90059
Serving South Los Angeles, Long Beach, South Bay
United Mobile Response, LLC
3475 West Slauson Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90043
Serving Los Angeles, North Long Beach, Gardena
GraceCare Mobile Response, LLC
5231 South Sherbourne Drive
Los Angeles CA 90056
Serving Los Angeles and Beach Cities
We are seeking non-emergency medical transportation providers in the state of California. Contact us today!

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