Seeking Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Providers in California

Gracecare Medical Holdings  (GMH ) specializes in managing non emergency transportation companies and facilities.
 Our state of the art technology (MVN2 ) facilitates compliance with ADA requirements while reducing operating costs to transportation providers, medical facilities and insurers alike.
Our MVN2 app operates similar to those used by ride share companies. GMH has the ability to add another patient in real time into our que before dropping the current patient off. This eliminates long trips and empty returns, saving fuel and back office expenses for managing payroll and insurance.
We will assist with ADA compliance by purchasing new vehicles and  leasing them to franchise operators. Our team will incorporate MVN2 our PUC licensed technology along with enhanced training in basic life support.
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We will use the efficiencies  of our MVN2 as incentive to bring other NEMT companies under our management. This will allow us to scale beyond So California to cover all of California.
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